Student Feedback

The HPS Team designed a lesson plan for an SPHE lesson for each class in the school.

Firstly, each individual student considered what were the factors which contribute positively to their health and well-being at BCS. The results are shown below:


Secondly, students discussed in groups of 3 or 4 the actions they would like to see taken at BCS in order to promote health and well-being among students. The results are shown below. More detail on the feedback is given below the pie chart.

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  1. Canteen 18%: More healthy, nutritious food, greater choice, tastier food, more fruit.
  2. Mental Health 15%: Students want help in dealing with bullying, exam stress, study skills and goal-setting. They would like meditation sessions, activities targeting team-building, bonding, communications. They would like the school to emphasise the link between mental and physical health. Students suggest friendship initiatives, day trips, activity days and “Happy Days”.  They want more time to be available for counselling and speakers on health issues.
  3. Toilets 15%: Students want the toilets (particularly the boys’ toilets) to be kept clean and safe. They say that there is sometimes no soap for hand-washing, which is a health and safety hazard to all in the school. The toilets don’t always smell good. Toilets are sometimes locked.
  4. P.E. and Exercise 13%: The greatest demand is for a wider variety of sporting and fitness activities during PE class, as well as more PE time during the week and a greater variety of after-school sport. Suggestions include swimming, badminton, weights, fitness – not always team ball sports. There was a request for a quick stretching the legs during a double class.
  5. Healthier Vending 9%: Students want only healthy items to be sold in the vending machines. Suggestions include fruit salads, nuts, dark chocolate.
  6. Permission to leave the school at lunchtime 6%: this request was almost exclusively from senior students.
  7. Water fountains 4%: Students would like water to be provided free at the school and the water fountains kept clean.
  8. Lockers 3%: Move the First Year lockers from their current location, where the corridor is frequently blocked at a busy corner. Students would also like bigger lockers.
  9. Variety in the vending machine 3%: Provide a greater variety of items in the vending machines, not necessarily healthy options.
  10. Use the Astroturf pitch 3%: Students would like access to the Astroturf at lunch-time.
  11. Teaching Methods 3%:  Students requested more time in the Computer Rooms and more interactive, group work.

Finally, each class was asked to select their top three priorities among all the suggestions made by the groups in their class. The results are shown below:

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