Parent/Guardian Feedback

The HPS Team designed a survey for parents/guardians in order to establish their health priorities. The results are shown in the pie chart, with more detail of each category shown below.

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Parent/Guardian Feedback in detail:

  1. Discussion about healthy eating 25%: Parents request healthy eating and lifestyle discussion and information in school; cookery lessons for all in order to prepare healthy meals; nutritionist to speak to students; healthy food tasting days; advice on nutrition, diet and exercise.
  2. More physical activity 18%: More PE as well as a greater variety of exercise and sporting activities.
  3. Healthier food in the Canteen 18%: A greater variety of more food as well as (free) water. No added/hidden sugar food.
  4. Mental Health 13%: Issues include stress management, building socialisation skills; guest speakers to promote well-being; mental health workshops.
  5. Sell only healthy items in vending machines 13%: Healthy, sugar-free items, no junk food, show sugar/fat content of all items for sale in vending machines.
  6. Remove the vending machines 5%